Queen in Unguarded Moment calls Dalston Mayor Something Undiplomatic but True

In other local council news: The Queen has been recorded making unguarded comments to the Prime Minister about Dalston mayor Miles Toob during a Buckingham Palace reception.

On the BBC video recording Her Majesty, 90, is clearly heard describing Mr Toob as “a dreadful little turd” and “a self-promoting bell-end of the first order”. The Prime Minister is seen nodding vigorously in agreement.

The Queen
The Queen yesterday

In a statement from Dalston Council, a spokesman said: “The mayor has a friendly and productive relationship with both Number 10 and the Palace. He will not be making further comment at this time.

In a statement from Buckingham Palace, a spokesman said: “The Queen stands by every damn word.”

“And she would like to add: ‘total a-hole’, as well.”

It was also reported that, later on, the Queen had a right go at Sepp Blatter and David Cameron went for Ant and Dec something rotten.

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