Local Woman Sacked for Dragging Hitler into Euro Debate

Local woman and former councillor Mrs Queenie Calhoun has been suspended as chair of the Dalston chapter of Independence for the UK (IFtUK) for breaching the party’s rules on Good Taste and Media Etiquette.

Mrs Calhoun’s self-produced video in support of Brexit comprises a series of photos of bucolic English countryside accompanied by a jaunty rendition of the Horst Wessell Song.

The English countryside yesterday (with sheep but not Kool and the Gang)

“It’s political correctness gone mad,” Mrs Calhoun told the Mercury, “They said there wasn’t enough blacks in it, and ethnic minorities and that.”

“I said it was just pictures of fields, but they said that was no excuse.”

“I mean, if I’d had a field with a steel band in it, that would’ve been cushty, apparently. Or Kool and the Gang going hiking.”

Mrs Calhoun claims to have selected the video’s music soundtrack entirely at random from her extensive collection of marching songs.

Well known locally as proprietor of Calhoun’s, Suppliers of Bush Meat and Exotic Roadkill to the Gentry, Mrs Calhoun was thrown out of UKIP ages ago for banging on about Hitler wanting a unified Europe, a once unfashionable view that has recently gained traction with some senior members of the Leave campaign.

“I mean, the world’s gone mad,” whined Mrs Calhoun, even after we asked her to shut up, “It’s getting to the point where you can’t put a burning cross in front of an evangelical church without some muppet calling you racist.” Then we put the phone down.



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