Council Leader Will Meet Donald Trump ‘Despite Everything’

The leader of Dalston Council, Ms Consuela Ahmadinejad, has told the Mercury that she is prepared to meet Donald Trump if he becomes the Republican nominee for President.

Previously, her official position had been that she would only meet Mr Trump when ‘hell freezes over or Dolly ******* Parton becomes Pope, whichever is the sooner.’

The Pope
The Pope yesterday

Ms. Ahmadinejad courageously waited until the Prime Minister had also cravenly backtracked on earlier criticisms of Mr Trump before changing her position.

She is on record as stating that ‘not even the bloody Americans are dim enough to vote for that cretin, surely’ and describing the candidate as ‘a third world war waiting to happen’, ‘economically illiterate’ and ‘a bottle-blonde toss-pot of the first order’. And this was just in the ladies’ after the town hall ‘whist-drive for Palestine’ last Tuesday. You should have heard her later, after a couple of pints.

A meeting between these two political heavyweights will present practical problems, however. The council leader’s parents are both one-third Mexican and practising Muslims, meaning that, under Mr Trump’s plans, Ms Ahmadinejad will only be able to enter the USA if she agrees to help build the wall that will keep her out of the USA in the future. Or something like that.

The Mercury attempted to contact Mr Trump for a quote, but we don’t have his phone number.


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