Dalston! Can You Help?

A minor, but important, change to our regular series aimed at reuniting Dalstonites with their lost pets:

We have received a number of complaints – all of them from Mr Eugene Oregon-Davies, a circus skills consultant at the Dalston Arts College – that our Can You Help? section has so far concentrated on kittens and puppies and has been deficient in its coverage of missing Terrestrial Gastropod Molluscs. While we at the Mercury strongly refute Mr Oregon-Davies’ claims that we are wilfully and recklessly TerrestrialGastropodMollusc-phobic and deserve to be shot, we acknowledge that our focus on this important taxonomic group of creatures has, to this point, lacked sufficient rigour. We are happy to begin making amends, if only to stop Mr Oregon-Davies spray-painting ‘Slugs are People Too’ on the wall of our office every time he’s had a few.

This week: Kevin


As ever, if you do come across Kevin on London Fields or wandering nearby, please contact the Mercury.

Please note: Kevin is of the genus Arion Vulgaris and consequently should not be trusted with your pin number or left alone with impressionable children.

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