British Pub Quizzes Distance Themselves From Emily Thornberry MP

Organisers of Dalston’s top pub quiz have reacted with fury after the shadow foreign secretary accused a TV interviewer of ‘sexism’ after he asked her to name the French foreign minister.

Emily Thornberry criticised Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan for ‘pub-quizzing’ her as they discussed Brexit talks. She used the phrases ‘pub-quiz’ and ‘pub-quizzing’ no fewer than 600 times during the course of the seven-minute car crash interview yesterday leaving legitimate pub quiz organisers fuming.

Dermot Murnaghan in the Sky News Studio
Sexist pig. Just look at him, being all sexist by asking questions and everything – Dermot Murnaghan yesterday. Probably wearing sexist shoes or something

‘We absolutely abhor any suggestion that our pub quiz is in any way endorsed by Emily Thornberry,’ said proprietor of the Lambent Whelk public house Mr Gideon Porter-Seabass, ‘we run an efficient, effective, wholly competent weekly pub quiz that has never been tainted by accusations of anti-Semitism, savage in-fighting, electoral ineptitude or making up stories about having to sit on the floor of trains.’

‘Any connection between this or any other pub quiz and the Labour party exists only in the diseased imagination of Ms Thornberry and we insist that she desists immediately in planting this appalling idea in people’s minds.’

Mr Porter-Seabass did concede, however, that the Lambent Whelk’s gentlemen’s toilets are a bit like the Labour party in that they haven’t worked properly since Jeremy Corbyn became leader.



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