Justin Bieber Storms Off Stage To Immense Relief Of Everyone

Parents of young fans were expressing outrage today after Justin Bieber walked off stage during a performance in Manchester last night.

‘I’m expressing outrage,’ said Mrs Maureen Manilow of Dalston, who had taken her two daughters to last night’s show.

‘I’d made it through a good hour of the concert – mainly by blocking my ears and going ‘ner, ner, ner’ really loudly – before Justin threw his now traditional hissy fit about noise or photographs or the sandwiches or something, and walks off.’

But what happened next infuriated Mrs Manilow and every other adult in the audience.

‘The little twerp only came back on, didn’t he?’ said Mrs Manilow, still visibly shaken by her ordeal. ‘I’d already got my coat on, car keys out, heading for the exit and the sod wanders back in, picks up his microphone and starts that bloody warbling again. I thought I was out of there, I really did.’

‘What do you mean ‘he’s doing an encore’?’

Mrs Manilow was forced to endure a further forty minutes of preening self-regard and crimes against music before Bieber mercifully ran out of songs.

She plans either to sue or have her ears surgically refurbished at the expense of the Canadian government.




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