Primary Schools & Church Halls ‘To Be Permanently Converted To Polling Stations’

Yesterday’s High Court ruling on Article 50 has been greeted with unrestrained delight by British voters of every political persuasion today.

In Dalston, Labour supporters joined hands with Tories while Greens celebrated with UKIPers to the sound of the National Front’s Sunburst Reggae Ensemble in a shared expression of delight at the prospect of a snap General Election.

‘We just love elections,’ said one reveller, ‘and referendums; can’t get enough of those! Bring ’em on, I say.’

One man spoke for us all when he said: ‘Hopefully the General Election will fuel Scottish Nationalist demands for another independence referendum and – who knows? – if we’re lucky, another poll on Brexit! This is just awesome, init? Pass the gin.’

Britain tomorrow. And every day after that

Voters have barely recovered from the excitement of last year’s General Election, June’s scintillating EU referendum, the thrill of this year’s Labour leadership contest, and the edifying spectacle of the ongoing American presidential election.

But many ordinary voters are hoping that the High Court’s decision will usher-in a Britain of perpetual campaigning, endless convoys of battle buses, orgies of flesh pressing, ballot-stuffing, recounts, judicial reviews and, eventually, civil war.

So. Plenty of participatory democracy-themed fun to look forward to, then. Yay. Thanks, High Court judges.



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