‘Tally-Ho’ Threat To Independence Of The Judiciary

50 Tory MPs – in a move supported by the Countryside Alliance and the Daily Mail – have made representations to the Prime Minister in a bid to end the ban on hunting.

‘This prejudicial and iniquitous ban has led to an erosion of the British way of life and an insupportable increase in the number of red-coated vermin ruining the livelihoods of millions,’ said one pro-hunting campaigner yesterday.

The Prime Minister is said to be seriously considering the introduction of legislation in the next Queen’s speech that would allow the resumption of hunting High Court judges with hounds. Also hanging High Court judges from lampposts, and poking High Court judges with sticks.

A hunt (not pictured: the mortal remains of Master of the Rolls Sir Terence Etherton)

The move would be ‘very popular indeed in the shires’ according to a spokesman for Number 10, ‘and pretty popular in Downing Street too, at the moment.’

Foxes are said to be all in favour. But they vote UKIP so, y’know…



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