Editorial: Zuckerberg Must Address Facebook ‘Fake News’ Question Without Delay

Over recent days Mark Zuckerberg has attempted – cravenly, in this newspaper’s view – to downplay Facebook’s role in the election of Donald Trump.

However, scrutiny of how fake news is spread on the platform has intensified, with Buzzfeed News reporting that ‘more than dozens’ of Facebook employees have created an unofficial task force dedicated to addressing the issue.

In providing a platform for the dissemination of invented and frequently maliciously news stories Mr Zuckerberg must take a large share of the responsibility not only for the election of Donald Trump, but for the undermining of democracy itself.

For any news-gathering organisation – for surely Facebook must now be considered such – to allow the unrestricted circulation of transparent falsehoods (such as reports of the Pope’s alleged support for Trump) represents a reckless abdication of editorial responsibility.

The Sunday Sport – now 913% more credible than Facebook

Reckless abdication of editorial responsibility is a very, very bad thing, obviously, as is completely making stuff up and putting it on the internet. As a result of Mr Zuckerberg’s fecklessness the human race is, almost certainly, doomed.

In the meantime, however, we can cheer ourselves up with this story about hunting High Court judges with hounds. Or this one about the Queen crashing her hang glider. Or even this: about Jamie Oliver becoming leader of UKIP.

In conclusion: shame on you, Mark Zuckerberg!

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