‘Too Much Social Media Makes You Miserable’ Claims Rubbished

Claims that too much Facebook browsing at Christmas is likely to make you miserable have been definitively disproved by the Mercury’s own cyberpsychology expert.

‘This University of Copenhagen study suggests excessive use of social media can create feelings of envy,’ says the Mercury’s Dr Bunny Vivacious from her yacht in the Caribbean, ‘but that’s simply not true.’

‘I check my Facebook page fifty times a day and I’m happy as a clam, as this recent photo demonstrates:’

Dr Bunny Vivacious PhD, just this morning

Other members of the Mercury’s staff – all of them currently holidaying in an alpine wonderland (shown below) – have also cast doubt on the report’s findings. ‘It’s simply wonderful to be able to keep up-to-date with the fabulous lifestyles of our gorgeous friends and our glamorous, well-connected family members,’ said one journalist who was too busy drinking cocktails to be named, ‘how would I know which underwear model my brother was dating this week without Facebook?’

Mercury staff enjoy an entirely typical day being ecstatic up a mountain

The editor of the Mercury, Norton Folgate, has spoken out in support of other social media networks too, particularly Twitter which is ‘the most reliable source for objective news reportage on the planet,’ as he told us from a sun kissed terrace overlooking the Serengeti where he is wintering with his six photogenic children and Keira Knightley.

Mercury editor Norton Folgate and current love-interest Keira Knightley having a perfectly unexceptional, fabulous day before jetting off somewhere exotic


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