Ocker Trump Comes The Raw Prawn Over Aussie Reffos

Australian government sources have denied that the row between president Donald Trump and prime minister Malcolm Turnbull may have been caused by a simple communication problem between the two men.

Both leaders speak a sort of English, but it has been suggested that the combination of Mr Trump’s extremely limited vocabulary and the idiosyncratic Australian manner of speech may have led to a misunderstanding and to the president’s subsequent hissy fit. This is denied by Australian officials.

‘Aww look, mate,’ said a spokesman for the prime minister, ‘the bloke’s a dill, obviously, even for a polly. He’s probably not the full quid, but the PM was very clear about the reffo situation this arvo. No-one wants a blue, but you’d have to be a flamin’ galah to spit the dummy over this.

Australian government spokesman in search of a ‘map of tassie’, apparently

‘We have no idea why the seppo did his block like that. He just needs to get his hand off it and she’ll be apples.

‘And, fair dinkum, say what you like about the bloke, he might have a face like a dropped pie but his cook’s no dog is she? What a ripper!’

He then went on about something called norks and referred several times to ‘a map of tassie’, but we’re not sure where Tassie is or whether Tassie cartography has anything to do with the US / Australian refugee agreement.



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