London Terror Attack – Latest

Inside today’s Dalston Mercury:

Page 2 – It was a disappointing introduction to the hereafter for one heroic Islamist woman-murderer today when the 72 virgins he had been promised rejected his advances, saying they would rather ‘spend eternity playing Scrabble than being pawed by that cretinous retard’.

Page 3 – Donald Trump Jr courageously uses the Westminster attack to remind the world that Islamic fundamentalism doesn’t have an exclusive monopoly on cretinous retards.

Page 4 – London carries on as usual, as it always does.



2 thoughts on “London Terror Attack – Latest”

  1. It takes an actual cretinous retard to call a man who managed to become Pres-O-Dent a cretinous retard, all the while being the proprietor of a small and failing cretinous retard blog.

    You know, the blog where people come to point and laugh at the small pink dick.

    That, one, right there, with the syphilitic green drip at the end, that one.


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