‘Sadiq is Super’ according to sources

In other Mayoral Election news, local supporters of Labour’s Sadiq Khan have set up a website to counter what they claim are unfair representations of their candidate in the local media.

chaka khan
Sadiq Khan yesterday

“Sadiq is a great bloke,” said Mrs Vera Trotsky of the dalstonforkhan website, “Just because he looks and sounds exactly like a Foxton’s estate agent don’t mean he’s a glib little chancer. It don’t mean he’s a chiselling, toe-rag, smart-arse neither.”

“Or an unprincipled, conscience-free one-man smug-fest.”

Asked how the mayoral hopeful was intending to pay for his public transport plans, Mrs Trotsky muttered something that sounded like “fully costed” before reminding us that Mr Khan’s father was a bus driver. Then she shouted “fascist liberal media scum” and put the phone down.

Then she phoned back and reminded us that Mr Khan’s father was a bus driver again.